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Rachel Shelton Ministries is devoted to empower women to know who they are in Christ by encouraging them through powerful Biblical teaching.

Here at RSM, we want every woman to know that when we gather together as women of God, lives are changed, friendships are made, strength is revealed, strongholds are broken, healing takes place, and we are empowered by Gods word which equips us to change lives around us. Let’s stand united!



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Rachel Shelton, RSM’s founder, has written a book called a place to close my eyes.  This book introduces you to Anna Marie, a precious young southern girl who is growing up in the worst of circumstances.  This story follows her as she grows up, moves, away, starts her own life, and then goes back home during her estranged mother’s last days on earth.  Along the way, she encounters Joes; a kind, old black man who lives behind her grandparents farm and they form an unusual friendship.  In a place to close my eyes, you will learn the hidden message Joes shares on his front porch while telling his stories.  Despite the setbacks Anna Marie faces, she is triumphant in her faith and view of life.  You will laugh, cry, become angry, wonder how she could survive and marvel at the woman she becomes.  Her soul is so masterfully exposed that she immediately grabs a hold of your imagination and heart and doesn’t let go-even after the last page is turned.